About Us

Our Mission

The School of Business Administration & Accountancy edifies competitive and morally upright individuals.

Our Vision

In pursuit of perfection, the University of Baguio is committed to providing balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills, and ethical values in a fun learning environment.

Our Objectives

SBAA aims to produce a graduate who:
  • cultivates the knowledge that is imperative for success in globalized setting;
  • displays expertise appropriate to the profession;
  • typifies professional integrity with humility;
  • undertakes researches to promote systematic bases for business decisions;
  • utilizes macro-environmental acumen for economic growth and development; and 6. exhibits commendable accomplishments in business and accountancy.

Our Core Values


University of Baguio is committed to nurturing excellent professionals


University of Baguio is committed to cultivating a community with ethical values


University of Baguio is dedicated to building a community that advocates sustainable programs for the society and environment.

Our Faculty

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