SBAA Student Interns and Leaders Help Spread Holiday Cheer at UB GIFTS

The Student Administrative Council from the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) participated in the University of Baguio Gives Inspiration, Fellowship, and True Service (UB GIFTS) Event, which brought together students and community members for a morning of camaraderie and fun. The UB- sponsored event was held at the UB Gymnasium on November 18, 2023, with the goal of spreading joy and inspiration throughout the community.

The SBAA Student Administrative Council, spearheaded by its dedicated leaders, many of whom are on-the-job trainees or interns in various UB partners Host Training Establishments (HTEs) played a pivotal role in organizing this memorable event. Mark Esteves, the Governor, along with Jabez Lumasoc, the Vice Governor, Marjorie Ternida, the Secretary, Kylie Ikan, the Auditor, Shania Ishi, the 3rd-year representative, and Krizia Hara, the SBAA Senate member, worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the outreach program.

The highlight of the event was the vibrant booth created by the SBAA leaders for the children from different barangays. The beneficiaries included the kids from Barangay Lucnab Day Care, Dona Nicasia Indigent Students, and Members of the Visually Impaired Positive and Progressive Dreamers (VIPPD). The purpose of the event was not only to provide material gifts but also to instill a sense of inspiration, fellowship, and true service.

SBAA OJTs and student leaders as part of the working committee

The booth featured an engaging game – “Spin the Wheel” – which added an element of excitement to the day. The wheel was adorned with various prizes, such as candies and biscuits. The children eagerly participated in the game, their laughter echoing through the gym as they eagerly awaited their turn to spin the wheel. The Student Administrative Council from SBAA interacted with the children, sharing stories, laughter, and creating lasting memories. It was truly an amazing and touching activity that pushed the team towards making other people happy. It was an honor for all who attended to bond with those children. They made them joyful in their own unique ways. The volunteers’ outreach activity experience enabled them to share what they had and make children happy. Having the opportunity to engage with the children taught them valuable life lessons. The outreach program taught the team that they can provide happiness to others in small ways and that they might make today significant by doing good for others.

The event concluded with heartfelt thanks from the beneficiaries and a sense of accomplishment among the organizers. The UB Gifts Event on November 18, 2023, exemplified the university’s commitment to community engagement, showing that the spirit of giving and service extends beyond the campus borders. In the spirit of the event’s theme – Give Inspiration, Fellowship, and True Service – UB and SBAA left an indelible mark on the hearts of both the student volunteers and the children, making it an unforgettable day filled with warmth, joy, and the true spirit of the season.

The event also made possible the valuable contribution of business interns in advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 (SDG No. 8), acknowledging their role in creating a positive impact on communities. Their commitment to volunteerism not only enhances their professional development but also aligns with broader global efforts towards sustainable and inclusive economic practices. When individuals voluntarily contribute their time, skills, and resources, they often bridge gaps in access to opportunities.

Written by Krizia Hara and Jabez Lumasoc

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