UB’s Future Business Executives Took Active Roles in Their Sportsfest  2024

The University of Baguio – School of Business Administration and Accountancy (UB-SBAA) recently took a break and spent a day at the SBAA SportsFest last March 1, 2024, bringing together the SBAA students and faculty members to the University Cardinal’s Gym. 

The Sportsfest was spearheaded by the UB-SBAA Student Administrative Council, many of whom are student interns in various business establishments within Baguio City. The event went beyond mere competition and emphasized the sense of connection among students also to develop sportsmanship, camaraderie, and teamwork. It was also centered on promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Decent work is understood as also creating work, paid or not, that is safe for young people.   In this case, the Student Administrative Council (SAC) officers who are having their internship/practicum acted as volunteer game facilitators together with other identified officers.

The event started with the vibrant parade of officers and basketball players coming from the Junior Executive Circle (JEC), the Junior Association of Marketing Executives (JAME), the Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX), the Organization of Freshmen Executives (OFE), the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), and lastly, the Student Administrative Council (SAC). 

Parade of Officers and Players (Photos courtesy of Jayson Philip Poblete)

After the parade, it was followed by the Oath of Sportsmanship led by Cardinals basketball athlete, Larry Nicholas Atos, setting the tone for fair play and friendly competition.

During the event, students teams from various SBAA student organizations competed in the different mini-games and basketball tournaments vying for the coveted SBAA Sportsfest 2024 championship. 

The competition started when the JAME took a two-point lead by winning the first and second mini-games, Straw Tower, and T-shirt Relay, which JPIA also won. The SBAA students also took a good laugh on the fourth mini-game, Diaper Challenge, where JAME won, taking a huge lead to the overall scoreboard. 

After the most awaited basketball tournament, the fiery battle of the champions between the JAME and JFINEX, the JAME was hailed as the champion of the SBAA Sportsfest Basketball Tournament 2024, while JFINEX placed 2nd in the ranking.

Battle of the Champions: JAME vs. JFINEX (Photo courtesy of Jayson Philip Poblete)

In the end, the JAME took home the bacon as they were announced as the overall winner of the mini-games and the basketball tournament. 

JAME winning the SBAA Sportsfest 2024 Championship (Photo courtesy of Jayson Philip Poblete)

The event was an enriching activity for all the students, allowing them to showcase their athletic skills and tenacity through a series of engaging competitions and mini-games. As the UB-SBAA continues to nurture the next generation of business executives, it hopes to continue providing opportunities to relax and have fun throughout their academic journey at the university.

Written by Mark Raymond Esteves and Marjorie Ternida

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