Accountancy and Business Students Roar with Pride: Supporting the SBAA and Finance Team in the UB Employees Frolics 2024

There was an unbreakable spirit among the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) students as they supported the SBAA and Finance employees team in the spectacular Frolics 2024 with great joy and energy. The Frolics 2024 University of Baguio (UB) Got Talent happened in the afternoon of  April 5, 2024 at the UB Cardinals Gym. The epic talent showdown of the UB employees featured 13 teams. Their enthusiastic solid support showed unity and reflected the strong relationship between the students and their educators.

SBAA students holding their professor’s pictures in full support.
Photo by: Krizia Hara

The event brought out the camaraderie and collaboration between the academic community as the SBAA students passionately supported the SBAA and Finance employees team as the latter showcased their talents in acting, singing, and dancing—with the students cheering for them from the bleachers. It showed that they, as students, were not simply in school to learn from their teachers but also to support them in competitions. Much like how teachers are there for their students to guide and nurture them in their academic journeys, the students act as their supporters in endeavors like these. Such support can also inspire academics and administrators, creating a positive environment for everyone involved. The SBAA students’ enthusiasm is undoubtedly adding to the colorful spirit of the Frolics event, whether through cheering, event participation, or simply showing up to support.  

The School of Business Administration and Accountancy supporting their department.
Photo by: Ralfh Diano

The support provided by SBAA students is more than just their attendance; it is defined by a genuine enthusiasm that surrounds the entire event. Cheers and applause filled the air as they expressed their respect and admiration for the Faculty of SBAA and Finance. Their unwavering excitement electrified the atmosphere, adding energy and encouragement to every performance through vibrant chants and exuberant gestures. 

The Frolics: UB Got Talent was an event participated in by the faculty and staff. Some SBAA students who have recently finished their on-the-job (OJT) training also came and supported their school; this event showed them that in the workforce, there are also activities that they are included to participate in, that they are still allowed to have fun even with their responsibilities at work. This is in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDG) number 8, which aims to promote inclusive, full productive employment and decent work for all. 

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