SBAA Semester Start-up: Fuel Your Success with Free Coffee & Snacks!

The Student Administrative Council (SAC) Officers from the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) held its free coffee and snacks event last January 15, 2024, at the 4th floor of the University of Baguio Centennial Building. They set up their booth and prepared different snacks, biscuits, coffee, and non-coffee drinks to cater to the likes of the students.

The officers, together with their adviser, thought of this activity to welcome the students as they entered another semester for this school year. The first day of classes might be unnerving and challenging, but this activity’s goal is to encourage students on their first day of classes, a small act of service to promote positivity and belongingness as they experience face-to-face classes once again. 

As the students came together to enjoy the coffee and snacks, the hallway was filled with joy and laughter with their friends – this also shows that the School of Business Administration and Accountancy’s free coffee and snack activity is committed to strengthening the inclusivity and vibrant academic community. Starting the school year with great positivity will surely affect and make them remember the simple act of kindness done by the officers of the school. 

The event of free coffee and snacks addresses a significant aspect of student life. Students frequently experience hunger and fatigue as a result of their hectic academic schedules and extracurricular responsibilities. The event lessens the burden by giving free coffee and snacks, ensuring that students have the energy and focus needed to excel in their studies.

A student-friendly environment, represented by little gestures such as this event, enhances students’ happiness with their college experience. Additionally, it can attract prospective students who are drawn to institutions that value student well-being and satisfaction. While this event may appear to be a small gesture, it can have a significant positive impact on student well-being, the college campus culture, and their overall happiness with the school.

In the hectic hustle and bustle of academic life, students’ access to free coffee and snacks is a moment of pleasure  promoting a sense of camaraderie, love, and collaboration among colleagues. These serve as a reminder that even the smallest of actions may have a significant influence on the well-being of others. So, the next time you come across a table at no charge, take a moment to enjoy not just the coffee and snacks, but also the spirit of giving and camaraderie that they represent.

As some of the SAC officers are undergoing their on-the-job training during this time, this activity helps them practice collaborating and working together for decent work outcomes and positive economic change. At the same time, this kind of activity helps them in creating opportunities to plan and implement these kinds of projects for social and economic development. In this way, they can improve their skills and knowledge in being a leader and an entrepreneur, providing them with ample guidance in their work life.

Written by Krizia Nicole Hara and Kylie Elizen Ikan

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