Behind the Curtains: The Journey of FUSION 12 | Music and Dance SBAA performers

SBAA FUSION 12 Performers

A step on a journey behind the scenes of the FUSION 12 | Music and Dance SBAA performers, delving into the stories of the performers and working committee who brought their talents and best foot forward to the stage of the University of Baguio. From the early days of the preparation to the adrenaline-filled moments in the competition, we’ll explore the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs, that define their FUSION 12 | Music and Dance Festival experience into something truly unforgettable. 

Organized by the Office of Student Affairs, FUSION 12 is more than just a showcase of talent— it’s a celebration of artistry, an exploration of echoes to the theme, “Resonance”, and a platform for students to channel and express their artistic prowess. From the ballad of songbirds and electrifying dance routines, every act resonates with the essence of their talents. 

… We made sure that everyone was aware of this search through social media announcements and asking around the department for interested participants. Inclusivity was always a top priority for SAC when it comes to involving students to events like these. With this in mind, we successfully gathered a group of students who were committed to representing the [SBAA] department.” — Irish Santiago, SBAA SAC Working Committee. 

“… In our preparation, we couldn’t avoid feeling tired from learning every step. It was difficult, but we managed to overcome all challenges to finish our preparation. Despite the exhaustion, what we gained in return was the joy we all shared in the bonds we formed.” — Ely Lozano, SBAA Dance and Lip Sync Performer. 

The art of performing takes dedication and commitment to unleash one’s fullest talents and abilities. Their journey in the competition transcended mere competition; they also found bonds and friendships made throughout the process. Through shared moments of triumph and setbacks, the performers not only discover their fullest talents but also find joy in their shared experiences. 

One of the lessons that I will carry forward is that perseverance is a key to success. Dancing is not easy, it takes physical and emotional strength to be able to train and perform to a huge crowd. Without perseverance, you can not give your best shot in everything that you do. Also, not every competition that you participated in will guarantee you a win, but everytime you lose, you learn something about yourself. These things allow you to improve on what you have, and through persevering, you will see a better version of yourself, a better dancer.” — Carlos Tuzon, SBAA Tripudio Dance Captain. 

It’s the growth, resilience, and connection forged along the journey that truly leaves a lasting impact. Every experience, whether triumphant or challenging, offers invaluable lessons and insights that enrich our journey. It is important to carry forward the lessons and experiences garnered when an opportunity to grow arises. True growth transcends through the borders of victory or defeat. It’s an acknowledgment that our worth extends far beyond external validation, embracing the realization that there will always be someone better than us.  This realization is not a setback but rather an instrument for continuous improvement and self-discovery. 

The practices and preparations for this event placed a lot of pressure on everyone, requiring them to sacrifice their time and efforts… ” — Shania Ishi Ymson, SBAA SAC Working Committee.

The preparation process was very tough for us. We poured all our energy, efforts, and hearts out. Going home late for almost a month was the most difficult part of the preparation process, along with going home tired with so much to do.” — Hazel Aguirre, SBAA Folkloric Performer.

Challenges are already part of every competition, from the early preparations to tireless training sessions. Everyone has to commit and sacrifice their time and energy. Yet, it is in these tough times that their determination truly shines, showing just how dedicated and passionate they are about their craft.

SBAA FUSION 12 Performers during their practice sessions

In essence, the stories of the SBAA FUSION 12 performers resonate deeply with the principles underlying the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Art in general is sometimes overlooked but these forms of expression serve as catalysts for economic growth by nurturing creativity and innovation. Through music and dance, individuals are encouraged to think outside the box, experiment with new ideas, and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together, share their stories, celebrate their differences, and connect to their roots. This sense of belonging and unity strengthens social bonds, reduces inequality, and promotes a more inclusive society, which are the key objectives of SDG #8. A piece of art can have the unique ability to inspire and uplift communities, driving social change and progress.

Whether through stirring musical compositions, thought-provoking visual art, or captivating dance performances, the arts have the power to ignite passion, spark dialogue, and mobilize collective action toward achieving the targets of SDG 8. 

Written by Mark Raymond Esteves

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